BetterSell Solutions introduces MoneyBall Selling

... because you sell to irrational humans!

Lots of sales training programs think they can teach you how to sell.  But, we’re the only ones who do so from a human perspective.  We approach it this way.

  • We acknowledge that people are irrational human beings.  We know people primarily make emotional decisions for rational reasons.

  • We know people are reluctant to change and that risk plays a huge part in their decision process.  As a matter of fact, people many times act to minimise regret rather than optimize satisfaction.

  • As humans, we know people have inherent biases and we show you how to understand and leverage people’s own biases.

  • And, recognizing that we, as sellers are biased too.

In today’s tough market sales is king.  If you don’t have a consistent, repeatable, proven way for your team to sell you are in trouble.  It’s not that companies without it can’t succeed, it’s that they are unpredictable.  Which would you rather have?

Our clients frequently tell us of the value of having:

  • Consistent, repeatable sales processes
  • Totally client focused, Win/Win Solutions
  • Common language, vocabulary, and business practices
  • A set of tools, methodologies, and practices that have been proven over a 25-year history

As a leading sales consultancy we will provide you with all the tools, processes and methodologies necessary for success.

Our beliefs include..

  • The customer is at the center of everything we do
  • That building repeatable, reliable processes based on a proven system yields better results than ad-hoc systems.
  • And, that the sales system must be build around the following two things.
    Closing deals then managing those account relationships so they will want to keep buying from you.

We offer two core programs.  Both are in-person and led by Bob Hatcher or a well-trained, certified practicioner.  Note that these are workshops, not lectures.  Your people will have to come prepared and come prepared to work.  This is not a vacation, it’s serious training.

  • Each part can be done at your location (or virtually)
  • We introduce topics then people go so workshops.  People are put into teams to apply those concepts to their selling situation.
  • Nothing is canned or artificial. People work on their own deals and meetings.
  • This is not theoretical.  People leave with detailed plans for action.

Moneyball Selling – Winning the Deal

… is two full days – and covers why people buy, how to plan to pursue an opportunity and plan for a sales meeting.  There are two key sections:

Why People Buy:

  • People buy for their reasons, not yours.  They don’t to hear about how great you are, they want to know how you can help them.
  • People are irrational and will buy based as much on emotion as on facts.
  • People seek to minimize risk.  All else being equal, they will choose the solution they think is less risky.

Winning the Deal:

  • Each person will have their own risk profile.  Some will be more aggressive than others.  We’ll find how who the people are and how to determine their risk profile.  Then, knowing why people buy, we’ll strategize on just how to be persuasive to them.
  • How you are positioned against the competition is also key.  Price is only one of the ways to compete, customer relationships and their perception of the risk of going with you are also key.  We’ll explore how you can appeal to them in ways you never thought possible.
  • How good a fit is this deal for you?  Of all the deals in the pipeline, is this very winnable or marginallly winnable?  We’ll develop a simple scorecard for you to use to determine just what this deal means to you.


Moneyball Selling – Account Relationship Management – ARM

…is one full day – and covers how and why to manage the account relationships for the long haul.  Not so you can keep selling to them, but so they will keep buying from you.  (There’s a huge difference!)

A quick word about “Account Management”.  There are dozens and dozens of sales training programs that supposedly will tell you how to manage the account.  That’s false.  You cannot manage an account.  The only thing you can manage are the account relationships.  And, we do that from the human perspective that people are naturally wired to minimize risk and regret.

We know that winning the deal is not enough.  We need repeat buyers and long term relationships in order to sustain our business.  Here’s the key, not all customers/clients want to have the same relationship with you.  Some want an arms-length relationship and others want a value added relationship.  We’ll lay out for you a variety of relationship types and you’ll map your current relationships to one of them.  Then, we’ll help develop a plan to manage each individual within the account. 


Planning is the key

If you asked one of your people, what’s your plan…

  1. For that big meeting you have next week with the key decision-maker?
  2. To close that big deal you have in our CRM?
  3. To manage the account you just won so they will continue to buy from us?

What would they say?  Would they have a plan?  Most reps wouldn’t.

That’s how we’re different, we believe in PLANNING.  We’ll show your people how do develop the plan of action.  What should be in it and how to execute it.  


Is this what you are saying to your reps? 

There’s the finish line – take any suboptimal path to get there, but get there.

Finally, a question for you.  Do you believe in planning?  If not, we are not a good fit for you.  But, if you do, and you strive to be a world-class sales team, then give us a shout.