“When the stars are aligned and nothing happens”
  We’ve all been here, we think the deal is in the bag. Then, at the last minute they tell you “We’re just not ready to move forward.” This talk explores why selling against the status quo is so hard. Using content from my upcoming book “Selling to Irrational Buyers” we explore how the field of behavioral economics applies to selling.   We all know that people are not rational, yet, most sellers think that their prospects will act rationally to their arguments and proposals.  For example, how would argue with the offer “We can make you 10% more efficient.”  That sounds like a pretty good value proposition. But, what if the company needs a 20% increase just to stay in business?  Behavioral economics deals with people’s perceptions of things, not just the facts.  In this talk we not only deal with what’s going on the prospect’s psyche but also, from a seller’s perspective, how to deal with that to maximize your return.

“Are we doing the right things?”  Selling is getting harder and harder. That means we have to not only do more, but we need to ensure we are doing the right things. This talk explores the best practices of the best sales teams. Using the latest research we will show you what to do and what not to do. Imagine your team looking at what they do versus the best of the best!  We can do that because we’ll allow you to benchmark yourself against the data.  Based upon the latest research from CSO Insights, we lay out the ten best practices of the best sales organizations and compare your team.

See the video below to understand just what the difference in performance is between world class and the rest.