You landed on this page because you clicked on our ad in Google Adwords.  I imagine you want to know what the three key questions are!  Read on…

Imagine you are the sales VP or the CEO and you are walking down the hall.  What kind of answers will you get to these questions you ask of your people:

  • I see you have an opportunity in Salesforce with ABC company for $250k to close in three months, what’s your plan to close the deal?
  • I see you’ve got a meeting with ABC company next week for that big deal, what’s your plan for that meeting?
  • Congratulations on closing that deal with ABC company, now, what’s your plan to manage that account for the long term?

BetterSell Solutions is an certified and authorized Miller Heiman sales consultancy in the Boston area.  We have helped countless companies with a methodology for your people to be able to answer those key questions.

We build world class sales teams.  Take a look at the video on the right to see the business result of being world class, then browse our website and look at our blog to see our point of view on sales excellence.

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Bob Hatcher