About Us

Since 1999, companies have relied on Bettersell Solutions to help transform their sales organizations.  Literally, if you have all the revenue you need, you don’t need us.  We are former sales leaders who have made all the mistakes before and have learned from the best.  With a strict focus on big-ticket, B2B technology companies, we bring the best practices from many industries to help you meet your revenue goals.

Bob Hatcher biography

For over twenty years large and small technology companies have relied upon Bob’s wisdom and insights to help grow their business. Long a believer in professional, systematic sales methodologies and one of Miller Heiman’s top consultants and facilitators, Bob became disillusioned with the lack of depth of those canned methodologies.  That’s why he put together this program in behavioral economics to fill in the gaps.  We can apply these techniques to any other sales methodology whether it be Miller Heiman, Sandler, Richardson or any other because we go where others don’t.

Bob’s customer list includes large companies such as Yahoo and EMC as well as smaller companies such as Eagle Investment Systems and Trillium Software.  SaaS companies such as Brightcove, Digital Lumens and SiteSpect have also benefited from Bob’s expertise. Prior to launching his consulting practice in 1999, Bob was a senior executive of two venture-backed start-ups that both went public and were eventually sold for huge multiples, Renaissance Solutions and iCube.  Prior to that Bob was an executive at Lotus Development Corporation.

His educational background includes a BS from the University of Massachusetts (Lowell), an MS from Colorado State University and an MBA from Bentley College.