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Helping clients exceed their sales goals for over 20-yrs.

The first company to apply behavioral economics to selling

Understand the science behind decision-making and how to recognize and leverage our prospect's bias.  Close more deals, faster!

I hate losing more than I like winning!

The fear of losing affects your prospects and how it affects you.  Learn to leverage this in your sales calls.

We hear what we want to hear.

Do you have "happy ears"?  Learn how to recognize it and deal with it.  How "confirmation bias" can be a killer.

Do you feel your success is in your hands? Wrong!

Optimism bias affects us all - we think we are better than we are.  91% of drivers think they are better than average.  Is optimism bias hurting your results and career?.

And, dozens more biases that can kill a sale or derail your career.

Almost 200 biases have been identified and most can hurt your chances of closing the sale or hurting your career.

Do you frequently lose to “do nothing”?  Do you lose to a competitor you’ve never heard of?  Do you frequently miss your forecasted close dates?  All these issues can be addressed with what we know about how humans make decisions and how we are affected by “cognitive bias.”  Without a knowledge of these things and a plan and methodology to deal with them you will never become a world class sales person or sales organization.  You do want to become world class, don’t you?

That’s what we do.  We help companies to become world-class sales organizations. For almost 20-yrs clients have counted on BetterSell Solutions to help them sell more. Specializing in big-ticket, B2B, complex sales. if you are looking to improve the selling capabilities of your organization to a world-class level, then read on.

As one of the top sales consulting companies in the world, we not only teach and implement the methodologies but we stay engaged to ensure you are getting the results you want.   Implementing a sales methodology is only part of the job.   Becoming an agile, smart, adaptable sales organization is a journey.

Specializing in the application of behavioral economics to the world of big-ticket sales, we can show you the pitfalls of cognitive bias and how to leverage them to your benefit.

All of this can result in:

  • Better win rates
  • Better forecasting
  • Faster sales cycles


Are you a Massachusetts-based company looking for sales training?  If so, it’s likely that you can get up to half of your sales training paid for by the Commonwealth.

Both Moneyball Selling programs have been accepted by the Massachusetts Workdorce Training Fund which means that half your costs could be picked up by the state.

Every Massachusetts-based employee pays for this out of every paycheck.  Many of our clients have had up to half of their sales training paid for.  Give us a shout and we can show you the way.


Read our new whitepaper, Moneyball Selling

Moneyball revolutionized the world of professional baseball.  We’re doing the same for the world of big-ticket, B2B, complex selling.  Read our whitepaper now!

Download Moneyball Selling here

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Bob Hatcher

Bob Hatcher

Founder and CEO, BetterSell Solutions

  • Helping technology companies achieve their sales goals for over thirty years.
  • Author of the upcoming book Moneyball Selling, the story of how behavioral economics has revolutionized the science and art of selling.
  • Contact me now for your next sales kickoff meeting!


Do you really know why you win or lose?  Don’t leave it to your reps to tell you.  We now have do win-loss reviews for our clients.  Using our proprietary scorecard methodology that leverages behavioral economics we can give you the real, unbiased reasons your customers spurn you or buy from you.

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Looking for a Keynote speaker? Here are two popular topics:
Moneyball Selling
“When the stars are aligned and nothing happens” We’ve all been here, we think the deal is in the bag. Then, at the last minute they tell you “We’re just not ready to move forward.” This talk explores why selling against the status quo is so hard. Using content from my upcoming book “Moneyball Selling” we explore how the field of behavioral economics applies to selling.   We all know that people are not rational, yet, most sellers think that their prospects will act rationally to their arguments and proposals.  For example, how would argue with the offer “We can make you 10% more efficient.”  That sounds like a pretty good value proposition. But, what if the company needs a 20% increase just to stay in business?  Behavioral economics deals with people’s perceptions of things, not just the facts.  In this talk we not only deal with what’s going on the prospect’s psyche but also, from a seller’s perspective, how to deal with that to maximize your return.
Are we doing the right things?
“Are we doing the right things?”  Selling is getting harder and harder. That means we have to not only do more, but we need to ensure we are doing the right things. This talk explores the best practices of the best sales teams. Using the latest research we will show you what to do and what not to do. Imagine your team looking at what they do versus the best of the best!  We can do that because we’ll allow you to benchmark yourself against the data.  Based upon the latest research from CSO Insights, we lay out the ten best practices of the best sales organizations and compare your team.

Keynotes and Seminars

Doing a sales kick-off and need a keynote speaker or want a sales topic for a meeting?  Moneyball Selling can be delivered in one or two hour sessions.



Looking for more in-depth sales training.   Moneyball Selling is provided in instructor-led workshops.  Your people will gain hands-on experience with bias and learn to apply them to their individual selling situation.


Investing in yourself!

For over ten years, Chief Sales Officers have looked to the Sales Summits group for advice and counsel.  You know you have a tough job.  In fact, we contend that being a sales leader in today’s market is the loneliest job in the world!  The pressures you get from both above and below are tremendous.  Where do you turn?  Answer, your Sales Summits group.


Problems we solve...

Our forecasts are way off!

Problems we solve...

Our reps talk too much…

Problems we solve...

Should we answer this RFP?

Problems we solve...

We need to lower our price to get this deal.

Problems we solve...

Our competition is killing us.