Win-Loss Analysis

In the world of big-ticket, B2B, complex sales, you work long and hard on every deal.  You win some, you lose some.  But, do you really know why you won or lost?  Okay, if you win a deal you are in good shape and can probably get them to give you a debrief on their buying process and their reasons for choosing you. But, when you lose, it’s a different story.  Rarely can you get them to even talk to you, let alone give you a thorough debrief.  BetterSell Solutions has developed a way to greatly increase the odds of getting a prospect to give you a debrief.  Part of the reason is that they don’t really want to speak with the company they just rejected, but, usually they will speak with an independent third party and give candid feedback.  That’s us.Image result for win loss analysis

Our win-loss debrief methodology includes getting feedback on the following:

  • How well did your product fit what they wanted relative to your competitors?
  • How well did they understand what they wanted when they contacted you?
  • How far along in their buying process were they when they contacted you?
  • Did your sales team do a good job?
    • Did they develop good relationships?
    • Did they explain the product’s features, functions, usability?
    • Did they try to understand what kind of relationship they’d like to have with the vendor they chose?

Using our scorecard process, we’ll give you detailed feedback on twenty different aspects of the prospect’s buying process and how your sales process aligned.  Using this you will be able to do detailed analytics and look at trends: