Sales Solutions

At the heart of every exceptional sales organization lies an effective, well thought out, proven sales process and strategy. Do you have one?


In today’s tough market sales is king.  If you don’t have a consistent, repeatable, proven way for your team to sell you are in trouble.  It’s not that companies without it can’t succeed, it’s that they are unpredictable.  Which would you rather have?

Our clients frequently tell us of the value of having:

  • Consistent, repeatable sales processes
  • Totally client focused, Win/Win Solutions
  • Common language, vocabulary, and business practices
  • A set of tools, methodologies, and practices that have been proven over a 25-year history

As a certified Miller Heimansm sales consultancy we can provide you with all the tools, processes and methodologies necessary for success. We offer:

  • Consultation on your sales process
  • In house training
  • Web-based training

We at BetterSell Solutions believe strongly in the Miller Heiman sales system which has these tenets.

The Miller Heiman sales system is explained by Sam Reese, President and CEO of Miller Heiman in this video:

Video: Sam Reese explains the Miller Heiman Sales System

CLICK HERE to watch the video