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If you are B2C or transactional, this is not for you…
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When you walk down the hall, can your guys answer these questions?

And, will all the answers be consistent?

What's your plan for that big meeting with ABC next week?

What questions are you going to ask? What will you tell them about us and our products and services? Who will say what?

You've got a really big deal in your pipeline. What's your plan to close it?

How are you positioned with the buying influences? How about the competition? Is this a deal we even want?  What are the detailed steps?

You just closed that deal! Now, what's your plan to manage the account?

How will you manage all the different personalities and expectations? How will you ensure they keep buying from us?

Do you really know why you won or lost a deal?

They won’t give you a straight answer.  Let us speak with them and get an unbiased, honest answer from an impartial party.

Behavioral Economics can explain why you lost the deal when the stars were aligned!

People are irrational.  We are the first company to apply Behavioral Economics concepts to the world of selling.

Now, how about investing in you?

How about sharing best practices, issues, concerns and get help and coaching from others just like you? The Sales Summits are peer groups for Chief Sales Officers.


Do you really know why you win or lose?  Don’t leave it to your reps to tell you.  We now have do win-loss reviews for our clients.  

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We are in the business of helping companies become world class sales organizations.  For over a dozen years clients have counted on BetterSell Solutions to help them sell more.  Specializing in big-ticket, B2B, complex sales we are the ones to turn to implement a repeatable, consistent, proven methodology to become world class.

As one of the premier Miller Heiman sales consulting companies in the world we not only teach and implement the methodologies but we stay engaged to ensure they are properly implemented and yielding the results you want.  But, implementing a sales methodology is only part of the job.  Becoming an agile, smart, adaptable sales organization is a journey.


Are you a Massachusetts-based company looking for sales training?  If so, it’s likely that you can get up to half of your sales training paid for by the Commonwealth.

Every Massachusetts-based employee pays for this out of every paycheck.  Many of our clients have had up to half of their sales training paid for.  Give us a shout and we can show you the way.

Plan to close the deal?

For classic complex sales, i.e. where there are lots of options and people involved, for both your prospect and you, driving by the seat of your pants is not the way to go.  Each opportunity needs a strategy to close it.  Miller Heiman Strategic Selling for both commercial and government help you develop that strategy and a detailed plan.


Plan for the meeting?

Every business has to create opportunities and they do that through interactions with a prospect, either in person or on the phone.  Do your reps probe as to what the prospect needs to do to improve their business or even survive in today’s economy, or do they go in and pitch?  Do your prospects have a clear idea of what problems you solve?  Miller Heiman’s Conceptual Selling – Customer Focused Interactions shows you how to do it.


Plan to manage the relationships?

One sale to a customer is rarely enough.  Ultimately, our goal is for long-term, Win/Win relationships.  These don’t happen casually and without a lot of thought. The following two programs do just that.  They lay out a strategy for managing relationships for the long term.  Miller Heiman’s Large Account Management Process (LAMP) for your direct accounts, and Channel Partner Management (CPM) for your channel partners.


Investing in yourself?

If you are like most Chief Sales Officers you know you have a tough job.  Experts claim that they average about eighteen months on the job before getting fired.  In fact, we contend that being a sales leader in today’s market is the loneliest job in the world!  The pressures you get from both above and below are tremendous.  Where do you turn?  Answer, your Sales Summits group.


There are two types of sales training and I don’t want you to be fooled. So let me tell you about it…

Let’s say that your favorite NFL team was playing its arch rival. Your team decides it’s going to have the best game plan. They are going to scout the other team and know precisely their strengths and weaknesses and design plays and defenses specifically for this game.

The other team decides that they will be the best blocking and tackling team in the world. They will be the absolute best at all the basics, the skills of playing football.

Who’s going to win the game? If you say that the team with the best game plan will win, you are in the right place. You see, that’s the world of sales training: methodology and skills. We are in the business of sales methodologies, or “game-planning”. The other world, the “skills” of sales is something else.

We believe that skills follow methodology. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert at closing when you don’t know when to go for the close! We teach skills in the context of a sales process and methodology.

There are other really good firms out there who teach skills only. We can refer them to you. But, if you want the best game plan. Well, we should talk!

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